Author: tommy

2016 Music Favs

It’s time for the obligatory 2016 top 10 lists. Here’s some of my favorite songs from my favorite albums streamed regularly at the Cancel Print headquarters. Enjoy!

Fun with Shopify

I recently had the chance to help out with the development of the new BC Supply website. While Shopify wasn’t new to me, this was an opportunity to really dig in and create a full-blown custom theme from scratch. The Liquid templating system is flexible enough to  accommodate for all but the most complex of online stores. This was a fun project and I’m looking forward to doing more work with Shopify in the future. Art direction and website design was done by Alexander Sprungle. Check out the BC Supply site here and if you’re interested in chatting about your e-commerce project, shoot me an email at

McMillen Health Website Redesign

Early in 2016, McMillen Center for Health and Education underwent a major rebranding. Part of the rebranding was simplifying the name to McMillen Health. I had the responsibility of putting together a new website to coincide with the new look. The website is fully editable in WordPress and offers a robust listing of programs and classes. It was a pleasure to be able to work with an organization who gives back to the community in a much needed way.

Check out the new website here.